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Apr 10, 2012

Working Sanely with the Kiddies Home

Deadlines, children, and things like remembering to feed your family - seems like I am crocheting on the run. Today alone, I have a bedspread to start (insanely) and a few baby hats to whip out. (Ha. I just made that sound like it will all get done TODAY. Nope.) It'll get done eventually, although I'd like the hats to be finished sooner than later. Their recipient should be showing up I think any day now. (Yay, babies!) Anyway, there's also the daily Knot By Gran'ma grind to tend to.

put 'em to work!

I have zero progress to show so far on both tasks. I did finally do that monster photo shoot (supposed to do it yesterday), and am now contemplating when and where to list these guys... plus the social networking that goes along with it... and this blog post. Let's not forget the knowledge that I have 2 big craft shows to make cozies and cat butts for. It's okay though.

1. I realized that my kids really do take up that much of my time, and I won't get things done as productively as I would like. I am not Wonder Woman. It's cool. They'll be older one day, telling me I smell, and won't want to even be in the same room with me. I'll take it now that I can. I'll be missing the craziness before I know it. Knowing (and accepting) this and taking in the big picture of love and Care Bears (remember them?), keeps the stress level down. Less stress equals happy family. Housework can just wait. It won't kill me to have dust bunnies hopping around (or will it?).

2. Yes. I may have to get up earlier and stay up later. Although getting up earlier really isn't a good idea for me... call me Grumpy McStinker Pants in the morning. I have always happily stayed up later. If I HAVE to have something done, I know I can. Also, I don't have to watch television. I like to watch television, but really... do I need to see another rerun of Burn Notice? Probably not. This all leaves more time to work on my crocheting and plethora of other running your own business things.

3. Use a slow cooker. Yup. Dinner is done. Instead of stopping what I'm doing at 5 to start dinner, I can keep going. Search the web for recipes. You really can't go wrong. Tonight we're doing some sort of fish concoction in the slow cooker. I'm just not sure yet what it will be.

4. Take breaks and play. Go outside, do somersaults, family yoga... whatever. You'll feel better and your kids will think you are the coolest mom ever.

5. Eat breakfast and get dressed. This is advice that I need to follow better. Coffee is not breakfast. Sorry. It's really good, but not food. Your blood sugar will go up and everything will be easier. JUST DO IT. Getting dressed will make you feel better too. (I'm only half dressed as I write this... Jeans and PJ tops. Attractive.) Do it as soon as you can. It's an instant mood enhancer. Yesterday I even did my hair, so it was a double boost.

6. Set a schedule for integrating work into your family day. Then stick to it. I'm still working on this for myself. The little bit I have does make it easier. For instance homework time is a great time to have everyone sit down and get some work done... myself included. Dr. Destructo gets crayons and a coloring book, while Kiddo and I sit down to do our work. That's a good half hour.

7. Get support. Hubs is great at letting me know that I am getting worked up. Then he reminds me not to. If I need, I can ask him to play with the kids for a while (He does anyway, but if I'm jammed up... it's great.) Kiddo has also reached the age that he can amuse Dr. Destructo for short clips at a time.  They can play on the playground or go downstairs to our playroom (bomb explosion center) for a little while. It's nice.

Yup. That's it. I hope this little bit helps. It's slowly making my days easier (when I remember to follow my own advice). What are your tips and secrets for sanely working at home with your kids. Wanna spill?

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