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May 3, 2012


Right. Started the day off with having one of those tomato paste cans smack me in the chin... it jumped off of the shelf. That's always fun. I suppose that's what I get for using canned tomato paste. I'll have to remember to make some of my own this year. Then there was the interview... I went on one. I hope no one noticed the tomato paste size bruise on my chin. (I don't really wear face make-up so...)

flowery crocheted pug butts by knot by gran'ma

Got these 3 finished last night, and have sent them off to their new home. I'm officially out of black acrylic yarn. This is exciting, because I am also out of pink acrylic yarn at the same time. I hereby decree... From this day forth, all black cat and pug butts shall be crocheted out of wool! Sweet. Now I just have to work through the giant skein of fawn colored acrylic to switch that over to wool too... Maybe I'll just give it away (Genius!).  Nice. I hereby decree... From the day forth, all black and fawn cat and pug butts shall be crocheted out of wool... and someone will win (a shrubbery! what?) a partly used skein of fawn colored acrylic!


  1. Sweet! Kudos for working your way through the yarn stash, any way you choose. :-)

    1. Hahahaha. There's so much acrylic to work through. I'm thinking about destashing it and giving some away. I don't like using it anymore. It's like I need wool in my hands... or cotton. I'm getting more quirky as I get older, I think.


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