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Sep 6, 2012

Political Monsters - Part 2

This is the wrap up from the first part of my politics post for the year. You can read, Political Monsters  Part 1, here.

political monsters - part 2 by knot by gran'ma

In a perfect world, this would be my ideal approach to politics (once again, call me naive... or a dreamer):

First off (and most importantly) TERM LIMITS FOR ALL POLITICAL OFFICES. Congressmen (etc...) wouldn't have an ability to become lifetime members and lose their edge due to money and power. It's simply, "you have x amount of years to do what you have set out to do." It works for the presidency and should work for everything else. Let's face it... THOSE are the guys calling the shots.

No more private business or religion in politics. It's not working out. Come to think of it, political parties aren't working out either. Scrap 'em!

You wouldn't be able to see the President (or Congressman/lady, or Senator, etc) to be. We would just know their number. They would not show their face, reveal their gender, have a religious affiliation, or be allowed to talk in public. They wouldn't hold massive conventions (cough*wasteofmoney*cough), mail out shiny hate mail, or have minions on the phones for them. I'm sure all the starving children in this country especially appreciate the guest speakers while they longed for a nice hot dinner... or a sandwich.

In fact, since there's no more private business in politics, the candidate would have to fundraise the amount it would take to mail out 1 newsletter (on recycled paper of course) to every citizen of voting age. This newsletter would state what the candidate stood for and what they wanted to accomplish. Give the power back to the people.

Also these laws must be equal to men, women, black, white, Muslim, Catholic, Atheist, child, adult, poor, middle class, and wealthy. If there's a tax that is 10%, please let EVERYONE pay 10%. If you're going to regulate women's bodies... regulate the men's too.

Anyway. That's my penny for your thoughts. The entire thing has gotten out of hand, folks. Our PUBLIC SERVANTS make (easily) double what we're paying our teachers... You know, those people who are teaching our children and have them in their care all day. Something about that doesn't seem right.

I think it's time to get our priorities straight in this country, and knock off the hate. Pass it along, please. Our voices may be small, but maybe together we can do something.

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