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Jan 2, 2013

Work in Progress Wednesday: Agamemnon's Sweater

This is what's on the hook as of last week. I was reluctant to start a big (ahem*work*ahem) project during my little vacation, but I could tell I was ready to start SOMETHING due to my fidgeting and irritation level. Both were a little higher than I prefer. In order to avoid critical mass, I started a "quick" sweater for my dog. There's snow on the ground and his short little pug legs let his belly drag in the cold. Seems like a reasonable choice.

wip agamemnon's pug sweater
wip agamemnon's pug sweater
I'm stuck here, because I'm stumped as to what the next step should be. I have to think about how I want the arms of the sweater to pan out, and maybe rethink what my standards for a "quick project" should be. Aggie will be a dapper little dude, probably in the spring, once I figure out the design.


  1. Doggie sweaters are so much fun to knit! What a fabulous color, too.

  2. Lucky dog. I hope he is happy with his new sweater! He's looks adorable.


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