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Feb 5, 2013

Work in Progress Wednesday: Winter, Knits, and Fangs

There was knitting this past weekend. This is what it looked like before I messed it up pretty good. I dropped a few stitches, and now it's bothering me. I'll be tinking the yarn back to basically where this picture was taken... and trying again. I will also be adding in a lifeline. For now, I have stuffed this into a corner set this aside nicely until I'm not so frustrated with it. Knitting is not yet relaxing for me, but very, very difficult.

wip oaklet shawl shawl
wip oaklet shawl shawl
Blinky is making some progress too. He's now got fangs, deflated wheels which are hanging out inside his body cavity (for now... don't want to lose them), and needs a few more things to be completed. Eyeballs and angry eyebrows are on deck. He's been fun to make so far. No angry crochet going on.

blinky ooak art doll wip by knot by gran'ma
blinky ooak art doll wip 
Winter is limping along too. This is a pretty dusting, but damn it, if it's going to snow... SNOW! I want a big storm. I say if it's cold, it should be snowing... otherwise it should just be warm out. I could (really should) go sneak out into my greenhouse, but first I have to unpack it so I can stand in there. Actually now's the time to get that winter crop in. I wonder if I have any seeds left?

snow dusting on the greenhouse photo by knot by gran'ma
snow dusting on the greenhouse 


  1. Maybe this weekend you'll get your wish. I agree, this half hearted stuff is not doing it, even though I like the ease of getting around.


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