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Jun 14, 2013

Anyone Want to Draw a Monster?

The other day I tweeted about how we, as crocheters, should get our own superhero. I plan on getting to that eventually... It's been added to the to-do/think about list. Naturally, this line of thought led me to start thinking about some overly elaborate plan that involved drawings from everywhere, in some sort of contest form, that would eventually lead to a draw your own monster listing from Knot By Gran'ma.

The truth is, I don't have time for all of that overly elaborate stuff right now. Contests are draining, and it's a little like pulling teeth sometimes to get people to enter. I do want to be creating more hands on right now. I've been computer working for what seems like weeks and need to get the kinks out with yarn and a hook in my hands. I need to find that happy spot on a daily basis, because otherwise I find myself falling down the proverbial rabbit hole of despair (In my head, I just mushed together Alice in Wonderland and The Princess Bride. Sweet.). Then it's really tiring to fake it until I can claw my way out and get back on track. I can feel myself coming down from the little burst of hypomania that's been going on here, and I'd like to bite it in the butt before it becomes a problem.

Bunny Monster by Knot By Gran'ma
Rabbit hole of despair?! Ack!

Plus, I have kiddies to take care of and another awesome plan to finish. Work, work work. I'd like to keep on being able to keep it up as much as possible, while still taking care of myself. Self care is important... that's today's lesson, kids.

Here's what I'm asking. Is there anyone out there that wants to sketch out their ideal monster, or has a kid who likes to draw monsters... and wants to have me to make a crocheted plush version of it? I need 3 takers on this, a picture of your monster (preferably emailed to me), and the story around the monster drawing.

What's in it for me, Jess? You will get a wonderful little monster based on your drawing mailed to you and a blog post around it. If you're running a small business or blogging, I'll link it in there too.

What's the point of all of this? I will use the photographs of the drawing and monsters to put into my new Draw Your Own Monster listings when I get them up. All credit for the drawings stays with you and will be in there too.

If you are interested, please email me - knotbygranma (at) gmail (dot) com - I have the people I need so far to do this... please subscribe to the blog (underneath) to be kept up to date of any changes.

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  1. I am super interested in this, and would love to draw a monster, if you'd have me! :)

    My e-mail is


  2. Love the idea of creating cro-monsters from drawings! Can't wait to see the pictures you get, and what you make!!!


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