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Jul 22, 2013

Moving Week

Wait. What? She blogs still? I do actually. It's just been very, very, very slow over here on the blogging end of the Knot By Gran'ma world. The other parts haven't been so slow. There's been pattern designing and doll designing, and website building, and what?! Website building?!

knot by gran'ma moving to a new site
It's moving week at Knot By Gran'ma

Yep. At the end of this week (actually on July 26, 2013 to be exact), this blog(ger blog) will no longer be updated AT ALL. I've strategically been moving some of the more important posts to the new site, getting all of my patterns and dolls moved over... and a few more surprises are planned. The're stuck up my sleeves for now. This lovely piece of real estate will sit here forever on the internet as a plethora of wonderfully fun information for you all to check back on... That's what I'm choosing to believe will happen anyway.

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